Terms & Conditions for Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival

The terms and conditions set out below constitute a binding agreement between Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival / Otago Event Planning Ltd (“Organiser”) and the person holding or using a Ticket to the Festival – Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival (“Festival”)  irrespective of whether the Ticket was purchased by the person holding or using the Festival Ticket (“Ticket Holder”). These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with all statements and directives shown or displayed on your Ticket, on-site at the Festival, on the Organiser’s website and social media pages, or otherwise communicated by the Organiser from time to time.

COVID – 19

You acknowledge that there is currently a respiratory illness outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) that is impacting various regions globally. By entering the Event, you warrant that:

  • You do not have COVID-19, and are not awaiting test results for COVID-19 or otherwise have reason to suspect that you have contracted COVID-19;
  • You have not knowingly been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last fourteen (14) days;
  • You have not returned from international travel in the last fourteen (14) days;
  • You are not experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, including:
  • a cough
  • fever
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose
  • temporary loss of smell.

If you cannot make the warranties above, you must not attend the Event.


  1. Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival is a licensed liquor event operating under strict regulations. We reserve the right to refuse entry if suitable photo ID cannot be presented on request.
  2. Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival is an all ages supervised event. Attendees aged 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.Purchase and consumption of alcohol is restricted to attendees aged 18 and over. Entry to the VIP Area is restricted to attendees aged 18 and over. For the purchase and consumption of alcohol, you must provide Photo ID to the satisfaction of the Promoter and/ or Event Staff to verify that you are the Minimum Age. You may be required to provide Photo ID at various times during the Event.
  3. We reserve the right to remove any individuals from the festival whose behaviour prevents other visitors from having a good time. Unacceptable behaviour includes, but isn’t limited to, intoxication, fighting and rudeness.
  4. Alcohol sales are closed strictly 30mins before the end of the festival. This is currently scheduled to be 5:30pm but is subject to change, an announcement will be made reminding you know that sales are going to end.
  5. Once you leave the festival you will not be permitted re-entry.
  6. Alcohol cannot be taken outside the Festival.
  7. Bottles will be available for purchase from vendors on the day, this will be left at the bottle collection tent for collection after leaving festival. These bottles are not allowed on site and are provided only for the consumption once leaving the event site.
  8. In the case of an emergency or serious injury, you must follow all official directions of or authorised by the Promoter, security staff and emergency services personnel.
  9. Please note all bags are subject to inspection at any point during the Festival. Bottles, cans, glass, food, drink, alcohol, illicit drugs, illegal substances, fireworks, explosives or anything that can be used as a weapon cannot be brought into the festival.
    Also please leave your animals (exception made for certified guide dogs), furniture and children at home.
  10. Promotional photos and video will be taken at the festival and by purchasing a ticket and entering the Festival you give permission for your likeness to be used by Ripe – The Wanaka Wine & Food Festival. If you do not want your image used by Ripe – The Wanaka Wine & Food Festival in any future promotional activity please locate a Ripe – The Wanaka Wine & Food Festival staff member at the Festival and let them know.
  11. In the event that there are any rivers, lakes, streams, water courses, dams, pools or any other bodies of water at or around the Venue, swimming is not permitted.
  12. The Event is an all weather event and will take place rain, hail or shine (unless the Promoter determines otherwise in its absolute discretion). You should be prepared for all weather conditions.
  13. You are not permitted to display any trading signs at the Event Site without prior written consent of Promoter.
  14. You must take reasonable care when moving around, or traversing, the Venue. You must move (whether on foot, in a wheelchair or otherwise) in an orderly fashion, in accordance with the directions of the Promoter and Event Staff, and you must not do anything that may hinder, or prevent, the safe passage of other patrons or Event Staff at the Venue or the surrounding areas (including entering and exiting the Venue). Where maps of the Venue are made available by the Promoter, you should familiarise yourself with the layout of the Venue, including the location of any emergency exits, to assist with moving around the Venue safely in the event of an emergency.
  15. The Promoter will endeavour to make the Venue accessible for those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or with a disability; however you acknowledge that the Venue has pre-existing natural terrain and pre-existing structures and facilities, and in some cases it may be impossible, impractical, unsafe or contrary to building laws or regulations to make all areas of the Venue accessible for all patrons. By purchasing an Event Ticket, you acknowledge and understand that some public areas of the Venue may not be accessible by all patrons. If you have any concerns about the accessibility of the Venue, please contract the Promoter prior to the Event for more information.


  1. You will be refused entry if you are intoxicated
  2. You will be refused entry if you attempt to bring alcohol into the festival
  3. Alcohol will not be served to anyone who is intoxicated
  4. Maximum alcoholic beverages purchased per service is 2
  5. Drinks can only be served in our festival reusable cup, if you lose your cup you will need to purchase another from the merchandise tent
  6. Bars closes at 5:30pm, 30 minutes before the end of the Festival
  7. Attendees must finish their alcoholic beverages by 6pm
  8. Attendees must vacate the Festival by 6:15pm
  9. Free water is available at all alcohol vendors and various locations around the venue
  10. You can bring in an empty clear plastic water bottle (non coloured) – there will be plenty of free, fresh water available.
  11. Low alcohol beverages and Non-alcoholic beverages are available at various vendors, these will be advised on your site map
  12. Food is always available from the food vendors
  13. Bus tickets will be able to be purchased at the event but this will be an increased fee compared to pre-purchase
  14. A Safe Zone is available for you to rest on site, this will be shown on site map or ask any staff member
  15. Anyone deemed intoxicated will be asked to leave the festival at any time during the Festival, and will not be permitted re-entry into the festival
  16. There is zero tolerance for unruly or aggressive behaviour
  17. Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the main festival, no exceptions (there will be a dedicated area located near the toilets)
  18. There will be no cash used on site, you will need a debit/credit card to make all purchases
  19. All conditions of entry will be strictly enforced, management reserves the right to ask you to leave the festival
  20. Attendees must comply with all conditions (if any) specified in the liquor licence issued under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 as displayed at the venue

Please be prepared to show your valid ID. Ripe – The Wanaka Wine & Food Festival is a restricted event. We are able to accept a New Zealand Driver’s License, a New Zealand or Foreign Passport, Kiwi Access card or a HANZ 18+ card as identification.


  1. Any complimentary Event Tickets provided by the Promoter may not, without the prior written consent of the Promoter in each instance, be sold, transferred or used by anyone other than the person whose name is on the Event Ticket or to which the Event Ticket is registered.
  2. In the event of poor weather, the Festival may be rescheduled to April 10.
  3. If the Festival cannot take place (in whole or in part) due to an event, circumstance, or situation outside of the Organiser’s reasonable control (including but not limited to any act of God, natural disaster, fire, flood, council or government sanction or order, actions or decisions of police or other authorities, act of terrorism, war or industrial action, or cancellation by the Venue owner, lessee or controller) (“Force Majeure Event”) then the Organiser may, at their sole discretion:
    (a) Postpone the Festival: Provided that the Festival is postponed within one (1) month of the original advertised Festival dates, the Organiser may continue to hold payment for the Festival Ticket and you shall not be entitled to a refund. Instead, you shall have the right to use the Festival Ticket to attend the postponed Festival. If the Festival is not postponed within the specified period above, it will be considered a cancellation in accordance with clause 3(b) below.
    (b) Cancel the Festival: If the Festival is cancelled by the Organiser due to a Force Majeure Event, then the Organiser may in their sole discretion elect to grant a refund (less any service fees).
  4. Tickets are non-transferable unless agreed with event organiser
  5. Tickets are not refundable
  6. Tickets cannot be on-sold by any means at a price greater than the purchase price of the ticket. Scalped tickets may be cancelled, and the ticket holder denied entry.
  7. The Organiser is not liable to you if there is a situation outside of the Organiser’s reasonable control (including but not limited to any act of God, natural disaster, fire, flood, council or government sanction or order, actions or decisions of police or other authorities, act of terrorism, war or industrial action, or cancellation by the Venue owner, lessee or controller) (“Force Majeure Event”) which results in Festival being cancelled.
  8. Artist lineup and billed attractions may be subject to change.
  9. Right of Admission Reserved – In order to facilitate the security, safety and comfort of all guests the Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission and refund the Ticket value.
  10. These terms and conditions can be updated by the Organiser at any time.
  11. Admission is at Ticket Holders own risk. The Organiser will not be held liable for any loss, injuries or damages sustained at this Festival including damage, theft or losses to property and motor vehicles, if the cause is due to the negligence of the Ticket Holder or the unforeseeable actions of other patrons.
  12. A condition of entry to the Festival is Ticket Holders consenting to being filmed and/or photographed for use in television, video, social media posts or advertising, web or printed promotional material. Ticket Holders also consent to a drone operating above them at the Festival. 
  13. Admission and use of venue parking is at the Ticket Holders own risk. The Organiser accepts no liability for any claim by the Ticket Holder or any other person, whether for loss or damage to you or any other person or to your vehicle or any other vehicle or in respect of any personal possessions on your person or in your vehicle
  14. The Ticket Holder consents to and will permit the search and inspection of his or her person, clothing, bags or other possessions by any official, employee of the proprietor of the venue and/or the Organiser of the Festival.
  15. The Ticket Holder may be required to provide proof of age when arriving at the Festival or purchasing alcohol. This must take the form of one of the following types of identification: A HANZ Card, Kiwi Access card, a New Zealand Drivers License, New Zealand or Foreign Passport.
  16. The Ticket Holder will be required to leave the venue if he or she: Engages in conduct which unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of the Festival by the patrons; hampers or impedes the conduct of the Festival; breaches any by-laws or orders applicable to the venue.
  17. Ticket Holders agree that it is an essential condition of issuance of Tickets and the right of admission to the Festival conferred on the Ticket Holder that any person at, or entering, or attempting to enter, the Venue is expressly prohibited from:
    – Holding or bringing any prohibited or restricted items (to be assessed at the discretion of the security and Festival management) including, without limitation; alcohol; illicit drugs; knives; weapons; fireworks; glass; cans; bottles; compressed gas containers; political, religious, offensive or race-related banners, signs, slogans or materials; flares; air horns; sound amplifiers including loudhailers; toy guns or water pistols; smoke bombs and flag sticks; commercial standard recording devices; dogs or other pets; laser pointers;, skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles; or items that may interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of other persons or security at the Venue (“Prohibited Items”);
    – Engaging in disruptive or dangerous behaviour including, without limitation; throwing, casting, thrusting or firing any objects; instigating violence, racism or xenophobia; behaving in a way that others may interpret as provocative, threatening, discriminatory, or offensive; creating any threat to the life or safety of themselves or others, or harming another person in any way whatsoever.
  18. No food or beverage may be taken into the Festival.
  19. The Ticket Holder consents to their contact details being used by the promoter (Otago Event Planning) for communication about the Festival and subsequently any future Events and Festivals organised by the promoter. The Ticket Holder can unsubscribe at any time.
  20. Attendance information will be collected for the purpose of contact tracing and may be disclosed to the Ministry of Health should the need arise.
  21. The Ticket Holder and Organiser (“Parties”) acknowledge that there is currently a respiratory illness outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”). The parties agree that where it is impossible or unreasonably impractical for the Festival to take place due to any cause or event in connection with the COVID-19 or any other communicable disease, it shall be treated as a Force Majeure Event in accordance with clause 2, regardless of whether the parties could have reasonably foreseen the risk of such Force Majeure Event at the time of purchase of the Festival Ticket.