Sustainability at Ripe – The Wānaka Wine & Food Festival

Ripe strives to lead the way in modelling Zero-Waste, Single Use free Events

Single Use Free

  • Re-usable cups for every attendee to take home
  • Otago Event Planning purchased 3000 plates and 3000 sets of stainless steel cutlery
  • Compulsory for any food vendor to use the re-usable plates
  • Coffees to be served in re-usable cups supplied by Wanakup

Wanakup is a non-profit organisation founded by local baristas, whose thermally-insulated reusable cups can be found at local cafes, hotels, businesses and events (as well as in Palmerston North, Nelson and New South Wales!) You can borrow a cup for a $10 deposit, then return it or swap it out for a clean one at any participating cafe or establishment – or keep the cup forever!

Waste Free

  • Only recyclable items provided at event
  • Sustainabiliy plan developed together with local recycling legends Wastebusters Wanaka
  • All food into separate bins
  • Food waste direct to worm farm located next to event site
  • Event site is on an organically certified property which farms livestock by organic and biological methods